Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break: Thursday - GREEN DAY (aka St. Patrick's Day)

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Potter House! We had a BLAST for our special green day, starting with a very green breakfast of green eggs. Taya took one look at them & started to cry. She didn't want anything to do with green eggs.

Bladen was even worse. He screamed for Fruit Loops for almost 10 straight minutes before I gave in & got some for him.

We finally got Taya to try them & she LOVED them. Little stinker!

And what would green day be without all the colorful green clothes right? Even Craiger had a little St. Paddy's Day shirt that was given to him as a gift.

Well, for green day I made a Leprechaun treasure hunt for the kids. I had clues from the Leprechaun that led to pieces of the rainbow. On the rainbow pieces were activities we were going to do throughout the day. When they completed an activity they got another clue leading to another rainbow piece.

First they got to draw the Leprechaun, his rainbow, & what they thought his treasure would be at the end of the rainbow.

The next clue led them to the kitchen where they found an orange rainbow piece on my blender. There were made GREEN mint chocolate chip milkshakes.

Next was the yellow piece of the rainbow which led the kids to the living room where we made little Shamrock Men.

The kids found the GREEN rainbow piece attached to Bladen's bike. Taya found it & was so proud. It told us to go to the park to play.

After the park we came home & had GREEN mac n cheese for lunch. It was YUMMY!

After the kids' nap they got a blue piece that allowed them to watch their favorite movie while I made dinner. Dinner was green shamrock pancakes, green jello, & green kool aid.

Craiger was getting a little overwhelmed by all the green!

The last clue led them to make Fruit Loop Rainbow Crafts.

Then they got their last clue leading them to the treasure!

Once they put the rainbow pieces together . . .

a pot of treasure appeared. (a pot full of green jelly beans & green cookies)

It ended up being a SUPER FUN St. Paddy's Day.

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