Wednesday, March 30, 2011


While Trek's mom was here, Trek completed a project we've been meaning to complete for 9 months now. . . putting sod in our backyard. The yards here are basically a gate filled with wood chips. I swear, if I have to sweep up ONE MORE WOOD CHIP in my house I'm going to go insane!

Here's some before shots:

Trek & Bladen (& Oma) spent the entire morning raking up & bagging ALL the wood chips in the yard.

There was a grand total of 30 garbage bags FULL by the time they finished.

Then Trek went to Home Depot & bought enough sod to cover the back yard. Laying the sod was SO MUCH EASIER than pulling all that bark out.

It actually looks like a yard now!! We'll take some "after shots" as soon as it's all grown down (it takes about 3 weeks to take) & mowed. I can't wait!!!


  1. Hello,

    I am actually thinking the opposite: I am sick tired of maintaining the lawn, dealing with dead spots, my kids get dirty very easily and they bring all kind of dirt to inside. Why didn't you like the wood chips? Do they get dirt? Or they just move around through other areas? Would it be just easier to use a blower to bring them back to their place? How kids like t? What do they prefer?
    In my case, I have a huge lawn area just behind my fence so I could have both worlds, the easy of maintenance inside and if they want to play in real grass we can go outside on weekends.
    What do you think? My backyard is a bit Bigger, around 1.000 sq ft.
    Thanks for any comments you can give me.
    Jose Luis

    1. I totally prefer grass over wood chips, but it's all a personal thing. You may like the wood chips better. I have 6 kids & wood chips get in their shoes/socks & stick to their pants like sand, so every time they come in the house I have wood chips all over my floor/carpet/kitchen tile. As soon as we put the grass in, there were no more wood chips in the house which was wonderful for me. They DO get a little more dirty/muddy on the soles of their shoes with grass, but we always remove our shoes before we go into the house so that has never beed a problem for me. The dirt never sticks to pants & socks like the wood chips did. However, if you're looking for low maintenance, wood chips would be easier than grass. No mowing, no watering or upkeep in that way. It's more just what you like & what works for you & your family. :-) Hope this helps.

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