Thursday, August 8, 2013

Activity Days - Daddy Daughter Date/Dance: "Sundae Best"

Have I mentioned how much I ADORE being the Activity Days Leader?  I have so much fun with these girls & I LOVE that two of them are mine.

One of their goals in their Faith in God booklets is to help plan, prepare, & carry out a parent/child activity.  The girls decided they wanted to do a father/daughter date/dance type of thing so that's what we did.  We called it:
Daddy Daughter Sundae Best
& made everyone wear their Sunday best clothes.  Then we served ice cream sundaes as our dessert.

The girls were SO excited to be with their daddies.  I'm posting pictures of my girls with my husband.  (I'd post all my pictures, but I know how some people get nervous with pictures of their kids on the internet so we'll keep it to my girls only for the most part.)

Lorien & her Daddy

Cadence & her Daddy

My beautiful girls & handsome hubby

Yup, that's them!

So for our first activity of the evening we played a game like the newlywed game between the fathers & their daughters.  We were cracking up at some of the kids' answers.  The question was 
"What would your dad/daughter do if they had one hour to do anything they could possibly do?"
Cadence said her dad would watch TV & Lorien said her dad would mow the lawn.
What was Trek's answer?  SLEEP
We all laughed at that.

Then the girls planned out an obstacle course that they had to complete with their dads.

First the girls had to run to the basketball hoop & make a basket (like their dad's would do.)

Then the poor dad's had to put their girls' hair into ponytails & tie pretty ribbons in them.
(needless to say, this was beyond hilarious!)

After that, the girls had to shave their dad's faces with whipped cream & a tongue depressor.
(the whipped cream was VERY cold)

And finally, the dad's had to paint their daughter's nails.

They had a blast!  After that we let the dad's make their daughters ice cream sundaes.  (Each of the girls brought their favorite sundae toppings.)

Trek made Lorien quite the ice cream sundae.

And finally, we let the dad's & daughters dance the rest of the night away with each other.  We are fortunate to have a DJ in our ward so it really was a FUN DANCE.  We did the chicken dance, the YMCA, & all sorts of other fun songs the girls loved.  I think the girls REALLY enjoyed being with their dad's like this.  They were in heaven.

It was a really fun activity.  I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as I did.

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