Thursday, August 29, 2013

The National Mall & The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

After getting up at the crack of dawn, riding the subway, Ford's Theater, National Archives, & 2 Smithsonian Museums. . . we were starting to get tired.  We had one more stop on our wish list for the day:  The Air & Space Museum.  It was in exactly the OPPOSITE place we were at  so we had to walk for quite a while.  My poor kids had blisters on their feet by the time the day was done.

On our way across the mall we stopped to take a few pictures of the Capitol building.  It was quite beautiful.

I was also fascinated with the Smithsonian Castle.  We'll definitely have to go back & see that one.

We spent about an hour in the Air & Space Museum.  My mom & I have always been space buffs so it was fun sharing that love of the universe with my kids.

Apollo 11 - I can't believe they fit 3 guys in there for an extended
period of time.  I'd go nuts!

The moon landing module

We walked around the space side of things. . . touched a real moon rock & explored telescopes, stars, planets, & other fun things.  Then we made our way upstairs to the Kitty Hawk area.  The kids enjoyed seeing the actual plane flown by Orville & Wilber Wright that made them famous.  I didn't realize it was the actual glider they used in 1903 on display.  I thought it was a replica, but nope.  It was the ACTUAL plane.  How exciting to say we've seen it in person!

Amelia Earhart & her plane

The kids loved ALL the airplanes in the museum.

My beautiful Mom in front of the Washington

We had a fabulous day.  We exhausted ourselves with all we were able to do in a few short hours.  We hopped the subway back to our hotel & wound up all taking naps at 3 in the afternoon.  What a bunch of lazy people, I know.  ha ha ha.

We took the kids swimming at the hotel pool that evening & just enjoyed some down time for the rest of the night.

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