Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mimi & Baba Come to Visit

My wonderful parents just came out to visit us for 10 days & we loved every minute of it.  We did go on a mini-vacation to Washington DC for 3 days while they were here, but for the most part we just enjoyed hanging out around our area.

Taya got her new glasses while they were here.
She is getting REALLY excited for school
to start.

Baba couldn't get enough of little Canyon.

Mimi's favorite time of day was nap time
with Canyon.  She loved his snuggles.

Canyon loves his Baba.

Mimi also enjoyed building lego houses
with the girls.

My mom's favorite place here though was Yo Mix
simply because they had sorbet (non-dairy) that
she could actually eat.  With all of her health issues
this year, she is on a strict vegan diet so she longs
for ice cream & sweet treats that she can no longer
have.  Sorbet has no animal proteins in it so we
literally went to Yo Mix EVERY day she was here.

Canyon is getting SO big.  He rolls over all by himself
already.  He likes to roll around the room to follow
his brothers & sisters.  I'm NOT ready for this.  He is
supposed to stay a baby forever.  I don't think he
got the memo.

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