Monday, August 26, 2013

Lincoln Memorial & Jefferson Memorial

After going to the temple, we drove into the main part of Washington DC known as 
The Mall.
That thing is HUGE.  It seems so small on a map, but to see it in person is overwhelming.  Lucky for us, my mom has to use a handicap parking spot anywhere she goes so we were able to park RIGHT NEXT TO the Lincoln Memorial where parking is pretty much non-existant.  Wahoo!

The Washington Monument is being re-finished right now so the whole thing is in scaffolding.  I hope it's finished before we leave this duty station because I'd love to see it in person before we leave in a few years.

The Lincoln Memorial was beautiful.  I've seen SO many pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, but none of them is like being there in person.  He's HUGE.

The Potter Kids are always trying to have FUN wherever we go.  Silly kids.

After visiting the Lincoln Memorial, we headed over to the Jefferson Memorial as well.  That building is a whole lot bigger than it looks.

That's me & all my kids on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

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