Thursday, August 22, 2013

Virginia Beach Fun

My mom & dad both have always wanted to visit Virginia Beach so we spent their first weekend here with us exploring the beach & all it's beauty.

Best Buds

Pretty Little Princesses

The beach is beautiful this time of year.  The East Coast is definitely different from the West Coast, but it's SO wonderful to be near the beach again.  I miss the beaches of Monterey.  The sun was shining, the humidity was HIGH, & we had a blast walking the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

It was SO nice having my mom there with us.  If you would have told me last year that my mom would be visiting us in VA I wouldn't have believed you.  She has healed leaps & bounds over the last 9 months.  I'm SO proud of her & how strong she is.  After all she's been through this year medically, she came out on top, a fighter.  She makes me SO proud.

After playing at the beach for a while, we started to get hungry & my dad asked if we had a Cheesecake Factory.  There just so happens to be one in VIRGINIA BEACH.  So we made our way to the best restaurant in the world.

All Dad could talk about was how excited he was to eat Jambalaya.  He cracked me up.

We all got GREAT food.  I love the Cheesecake Factory.  It's pricey but worth every penny.  Their food is fabulous.  We bought some yummy cheesecake to take home for later as well.  YUM.

After lunch we took the kids to the Norfolk Mall to play around in their big play place while my mom & I shopped for make-up & girly things.  Talk about a win/win for me.

We had a blast.  We were exhausted when we got home, but not exhausted enough to stop us from heading over to Yo Mix for some more sorbet & frozen yogurt for mom.  SO MUCH FUN.

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