Monday, January 12, 2015

A Very Nancy Christmas

My friend Nancy (who I've known since I was 17) always sends our family some fun Christmas gifts.  We call it the Nancy Christmas.  The kids look forward to it every year.  This year we opened our Nancy gifts while Trek's parents were in town.  It was fun having them here.

Nancy sent us all some wonderful things.  All the kids got blankets, shoes, & some clothes.  Canyon was in love with his doggie blanket.

Bladen got a really cool aviator coat, pjs, boots, a blanket, & clothes.  So fun.

Lorien got some clothes, boots, a blanket, a Harry Potter robe, & some paint markers.

Canyon loved his puppy blanket, clothes, & two sets of boots.

Cadence also got a Harry Potter robe & mug, boots, blanket, & clothes.

Craiger got a blanket, boots, & a ton of new shirts this year.

Taya got a blanket, Frozen sneakers, boots, & some clothes.

Trek was really surprised with a huge pizza cooker, some shirts & ties, some cufflinks, & a caveman nutcracker for his nutcracker collection.

And as always, Nancy spoiled me rotten.  I got clothes, shoes, crafting stuff, jewelry, bath stuff, so many fun things.  My big gift this year was a 2.5 karat heart shaped Morganite pendant.  I always look forward to my jewel each Christmas.  She picks the most beautiful things for me.  I always feel so spoiled rotten.

Thank you Nancy for once again making our Christmas absolutely magical.

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