Thursday, January 15, 2015

Santa Came

At 6 am sharp, the kids started banging on their door letting us know that they were awake & that they wanted to go downstairs to see if Santa came.  They were SO excited.

They were great kids this year so of course Santa came with fun new things for each of them.

Cadence received a Hermione wand & time turner necklace.

Lorien got a fun Karaoke machine with Frozen songs.

Taya got what she wanted more than anything this year:
a Mufasa stuffed toy!!!
Santa must have searched high & low for this thing.  After all,
The Lion King came out 20 years ago!

Santa brought Bladen a transformers costume,
sword, & talking mask.

Craiger FINALLY got that new blue bike he has been
needing forever.

And Canyon got a fun ball pit to play in.

The kids were SO excited about all their new toys.  They were so thankful Santa remembered them this year.

I love reactions when they first see what they got.

Cadence was SO excited about the wand &
time turner necklace!!  Look at that face!

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