Monday, January 12, 2015

Our REAL Christmas Tree

Every year Trek begs me to get a real Christmas tree.  I'm not a huge fan of real trees so we usually stick to our fake tree, but this year I gave my sweetheart what he wanted most:

We found a super cute tree farm about a half hour from our house & hiked up & down the rolling hills looking for the perfect tree.  Trek picked the one he liked best since this was his dream & we brought it home to decorate.

The kids were SO excited to have a real tree this year.  The named it chocolate & watered it twice a day for a whole month.  They had SO MUCH FUN with that tree.

Bladen got to put the angel on the tree this year.  He was SO excited.

Even though real trees aren't my favorite, this tree did turn out beautiful & it smelled wonderful over the holidays.  It was the perfect tree for us this year.

So . . . are we going to continue doing the real tree thing from now on?  NOPE.  ha ha ha.  By the time Christmas rolled around, even Trek was tired of watering it & vacuuming up the needles.  We decided we'd do it once every five years or so just for fun, but right after Christmas we bought a brand new 9 foot pre-lit tree for 75% off.  So next year we have a brand new tree to use.  SO EXCITING.

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