Thursday, January 15, 2015


We spent the rest of the morning opening presents from each other, from grandparents, from Aunts & Uncles, & we had a blast doing it.

Canyon got a hat & gloves from Opa & Oma

Books for Bladen

Taya got a TON of dollhouse stuff.

We love books in the Potter house!

Craiger was sick, poor kid.  But he loved this
truck loader from Opa & Oma.

Bladen LOVES costumes.

Cadence got some Minecraft things.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay sent a GIANT floor piano for the kids.
They LOVE it.

Lorien asked for Harry Potter EVERYTHING this year.

Talon & Carolyn sent some games & yummy treats.

We got presents from my parents, my grandma, & my brother's family too, but we were face timing with them while we were opening so I totally forgot to take pictures with their gifts.  But they were great.

We had so much fun opening one exciting present after another.  Christmas is so much fun.

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