Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Eve Jammies

Everybody loves Christmas Eve.  Trek had to work, but I had a blast with the kiddos baking cookies, playing games, & watching Christmas movies all day until Daddy came home.  The girls & I made Christmas Eve dinner: ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, & more.  When Trek got home we enjoyed our dinner & got it all cleaned up so we could start a Christmas movie together before bed.

As we were picking out a movie to watch we heard sleigh bells upstairs.  The kids got SO excited & rushed up to the 2nd floor to see what it was.  This happens every Christmas Eve so they KNEW what it was, but they wanted to catch Santa in the act this time.  The searched high & lo & no sign of Santa.  Then . . . we heard the bells again on the 3rd floor this time.  We raced up to the toy room & there in the middle of the room were 8 neatly wrapped presents with our names on them from Santa.  The kids laughed & shouted & danced & couldn't wait to open our Christmas Eve gifts:


Canyon got some cute Mickey Mouse pjs.

Craiger loved his minion pjs.

Bladen was SO excited about his Star Wars Storm
Tropper pjs.

Taya loved her My Little Pony pjs.

Lorien got some minion love.

And Cadence was giddy over her Elsa pjs.

I got Minnie Mouse of course, like I do every year.

And Trek liked his minion pjs.

Once we all got our new pjs on, we went downstairs & watched The Santa Claus together as a family.  The kids were excited to go to bed as soon as it was over so that everything could be quiet downstairs so Santa could come.

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