Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lorien's Solar System Project

So just when I thought we were done with big projects, Lorien brings home a huge solar system project!  ha ha ha.  It never ends when you have 6 kids, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

She got to be her creative little self on this one.  I bought her a bunch of styrofoam balls & let her go to town on them.  She used paint, glitter, markers, & all sorts of fun colorful things to color each of her planets.  Lorien has always been an artist so she had a blast with this.

Once everything was painted, I gave her a piece of floral arrangement foam to use as her base.  She glued black felt pieces over it & added silver glitter to make it look like space.

Then she got really technical in the placement of her planets.  I thought she'd just plop them down in order, but NO!  That's not good enough for Lorien!  She actually measured her base which was 29 inches & figured out to scale where each of the planets would be.  She took the number of miles from the sun each planet was & divided it by 29 inches so she knew where to place her sticks.  The first four planets are SUPER close together, but she had to do it that way because that's how it is in space. Mercury was .25 inches from the sun, Venus .5 inches, Earth .75 inches, & Mars 1 inch.

It looked great when she got them all where she needed them to be.  She added rings for Saturn & Uranus & then added the asteroid belt separating Jupiter & Mars.  The finished product was beautiful just like her.

I was so proud of her.  My kids are so great.  I love you Lo!