Thursday, January 15, 2015

What did you get?

We were very blessed this Christmas.  Everyone got such amazing things.  We are so grateful for all the wonderful gifts we received from those we love so much.

Lorien had a great Christmas.  She got some really fun things.

Cadence's goodies.  She's getting older so she
got less toys & more grown up things this year.

Look at all the dollhouse goodies Taya got for
her dollhouse.  She was so excited.

Bladen was pretty happy with all his new toys.

Poor Craiger was sick all day long.  I felt so bad for him.
But he had a good Christmas & loved everything he

Trek loved everything he got.  My dad got him a nail gun & an
air compressor which sent him over the moon.  Yay for more
projects!!!  He's so excited.

Canyon was in heaven with all his new toys
that light up & play music!

And I got spoiled rotten as well.  My dad bought me new silverware
& dishes since we haven't had new stuff since we got married 13
years ago.  Mamoo got me a Mickey clock & my mom got me a
waffle iron.  I got a craft desk & lots of stuff to organize my
space.  I love it all!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Merry Christmas from the Potter house.

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