Monday, January 12, 2015

Vocabulary Parade

In November Lorien had a fun 4th grade parade at her school.  Each 4th grader was given a vocabulary word & they had to come up with a costume to "show" that word & march in a parade of vocab words.  

I was a little worried.  I mean, how do you dress up like a vocabulary word?  It sounded hard.  Lorien was thrilled to be assigned the word:

I was much relieved.  ha ha ha.  We pulled out her old turtle costume from when we were Mario characters & she put that on.  It looked like a worm's head & belly perfectly.  Then Lorien got a donut box & created her favorite book: Harry Potter with paints & markers.  We added on a pair of Harry Potter glasses & voila:
the most adorable little bookworm you've ever seen! 

She did an amazing job painting the donut box too.  Lorien is such a beautiful artistic girl.

She looked perfect!

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