Friday, February 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

We had a really relaxing Christmas Eve at my mom's house.  We opened one present on Christmas Eve morning, a game from Talon & Carolyn, & we played it ALL DAY LONG.  It was called Speak Out & it's hilarious.  You put these dental mouth guards into your mouth & read cards out loud.  The other players have to guess what you're trying to say.  And let me tell you, it is IMPOSSIBLE to say anything that starts with the letter "B" with those things in your mouth.  It was pretty funny.

We made a big Christmas dinner with turkey & mashed potatoes & yams & all that good stuff, & then settled down to watch a few Christmas movies as a family.  Out of nowhere, we heard the sound of jingle bells upstairs & the kids raced upstairs to see what it was.  On Mamoo's bed was a wrapped present for everyone in the family including the grown ups.  Santa had come a little early to deliver a Christmas Eve present.

What were they?  Pajamas, of course.

Canyon was SO excited about is Baymax pajamas that I couldn't even get a decent picture of him.  He kept jumping around excitedly while I tried to get a picture.

Craiger got a Minecraft Avenger set  of pajamas.

And Bladen got Star Wars.

Taya got a beautiful Tinkerbell nightgown.

And Lorien & Cadence got matching Hogwarts/Marauders Map pajamas.  (I'm still jealous of these.  They're amazing).  We figured out later that the shirts glow in the dark.  Where it says "marauders map" in the light, it glows in the dark to say "Mischief Managed."  Totally awesome.

And of course I got Mickey pajamas.  Surprise, surprise.

Trek also got some Harry Potter pajamas.  Go go Gryffindor!

After we got our new pajamas on, we settled down & watched Santa Claus 2 as a family.  Then we sent all the kiddos upstairs to bed.  In my family, Santa doesn't fill the stockings.  Every person in the family buys one (or more) thing to put in each stocking.  It can be as simple as a candy bar or sometimes a big suprise present . . . like an iWatch (I totally surprised Trek this year as a gift for making Major in the Air Force.). 

Stockings have come to be my favorite part of Christmas.  I love the thought that goes into the little gifts & how COOL some of the gifts are.

My mom handmade every single one of the stockings.  They are absolutely beautiful.  And boy were they full this year.  We had bags & gifts in front of & behind almost every stocking.  SO MUCH FUN.

After we filled the stockings, we went to bed & waited for Santa to come & do his magic.

Christmas was going to be amazing.

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