Friday, February 24, 2017

MVHS Band Bash

When I found out that Cadence had to go to 3 different meetings at the high school in January to prepare for high school registration, I couldn't help but groan.  Sometimes I just dread school meetings.  I've been a little on edge about Cadence being a Freshman in high school next year.  It's made me feel old (which is dumb, I know), makes me reflect on how fast life flies by, & just made me anxious about her being at such a big school with such older kids.  Are we really at that point already?

Anyway, the first meeting was just a "this is how you work the registration software" meeting which was indeed, not very exciting, but needed.  I think I got that one down pretty fast.  

The second meeting was a whole lot more fun for both Cadence & for me.  It was a Band Bash at the high school where all the incoming Freshman were invited to spend 5 hours at the high school with the current high school band students.  5 hours seemed like a long time, but Cadence had a blast!  They did 5 things that night.

#1. Made high school friends.  That is SO important.  It's scary going to the big school & being the freshman.  Band was always a place where I felt like I belonged & where most of my friends were.  Meeting other band students was just what Cadence needed.

#2. Practiced three songs.  They were all given 3 pieces of music & spent an hour practicing with the high school band students.  And let me tell you. . . they were hard.  I was thrilled to see the level of difficulty they were playing.  The entire band that night was about 250 students.

#3. Learned about the different bands offered at the high school.  They have several music groups at the high school.  Marching Band (early morning . . . oboes don't march so Cadence won't be doing that), Jazz Band (early morning. . . a possibility for Cadence to play piano), Symphonic Band (basically High School Band), Woodwind Ensemble (the advanced band), & pep band (for sports games & school events). . . . & that's just the bands.  They have orchestra groups for strings as well.  And the best one of all . . . . Symphonic Orchestra which mixes band & orchestra instruments (after school once a week).  Those were always my favorite groups to play with so I'm absolutely thrilled they offer that at the high school.  Cadence will definitely be playing in that class.

#4. Ate Dinner.  The band booster club provided & served dinner to all 250 students there that night.  What a fun opportunity to mingle & make friendships with these other students.

#5. Performed a concert for the parents.  My favorite part was the part where I got to go & listen to the entire band play.  Cadence was thrilled to be one of three oboes in the group.  She's never gotten to play with other oboists before & it was a great learning experience for her.  They played beautifully.  (Once I get the videos uploaded to youtube I'll post it on here because they were seriously amazing for only practicing for one hour.)

I was all of a sudden REALLY excited for Cadence to start high school here.  Thank you MVHS for putting this parent's anxious nerves to rest.  Best music program EVER.

The 3rd meeting we had at the high school was the orientation for registration where the kids got to tour the school & make the final decisions on what classes they will be taking next year.

While we were there, we went over to the music department to talk to the band teachers again to figure out which bands to sign Cadence up for.  They have 2 band teachers & I love both of them.  They are wonderful.  When we walked in, they both remembered Cadence (it's hard to forget an oboe) & as we were asking about the classes, the symphonic band schedule in particular, Mr. Kneebone invited Cadence to be a part of the Symphonic Orchestra effective immediately.  Cadence's jaw almost hit the floor.  They only had 1 oboist & needed someone for the 2nd oboe part so now I take Cadence every Monday afternoon to the high school to be in that particular class.  She gets high school credit for it (even though she's just in 8th grade), & she's making all sorts of friends there.  They are playing Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony in it's 50 minute entirety.  Incredible.  Difficult.  Amazing.  What an opportunity.


Cadence is officially a Mountain View High School student.  Yay!

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