Friday, February 24, 2017

Family Fun Before Christmas

We stayed in UT a full 8 days & most of them were before Christmas which was great.  It was really nice just being with mom, dad, & Mamoo & then Justin & Cari & their kids.  It was peacful, it was beautiful, & it was just a perfect Christmas vacation.

It was great for my kids to just love on my mom & dad who they hardly ever see.  And my kids fell in love with Justin's dog, Rex, all over again.  (I'll admit, I kind of love their dog too.  He's SO STINKIN CUTE!)

One thing Trek & I got to do together was go to the new Provo Utah City Center Temple.  When I was in the Utah Valley Children's Choir whcn I was 9, we used to sing in this tabernacle for all of our concerts.  I also went the the Utah Valley Symphony concerts every year as a tween & teenager in this building.  I still remember watching the news when the tabernacle burned down by an accidental fire. I was devastated.  It felt SO sad that a building that meant so much to me during my childhood was gone forever. 
When they announced that it would be completely rebuilt & transformed into an LDS Temple I cried & cried & cried.  It made me SO happy that such a beautiful building was being fixed & made even more beautiful than it was before.  As Trek & I went inside to do temple work, I was full of emotions the entire time.  I'm SO happy we got to go while we were there for Christmas.

My brother Justin also recommended a wonderful Children's Museum at Thanksgiving Pointe in Lehi.  It was AMAZING.  We spent a few hours there & the kids loved every second of  it.
They had an entire wing dedicated to weather, so Taya was in heaven.  She's SO determinded to become a meteorologist.  The kids really liked watching the tornado form.

There was an area that taught about erosion, water, earthquakes, & a hurricane wind blower.  I think the kids had fun with the hurricane wind blower.  ha ha ha.

They had a wing that was a town full of cute activities the kids could play with.  Taya really enjoyed the "play" area.  It was filled with backdrops, costumes, music, lights, & you make up & act out plays.  She was there FOREVER.

Bladen loved the climbing gym.  He got to the top as fast as he could & just kept going up & down & up & down again.  My little climber.


Craiger & Canyon liked the music room with me.  There were different instruments they could play including a piano that played with bubbles.

It was a really fun museum.  I think the kids had a great time, & I enjoyed our time there too.

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