Thursday, February 2, 2017

Doctor Doolittle

To finish out the crazy winter performance week of 2016, Taya performed in her school play "Doctor Doolittle."  

She had 2 parts. . . she was Monkey #3 & a Vet.  She's been practicing for this performance for over 3 months & memorized all her lines.  This was the first performance of anything Taya has ever done so it was very exciting for her.

The other kids, however, were on concert burn-out by the time Friday hit.  We had been up late every single night that week for orchestra, band, & choir concerts.  The poor things were completely asleep before the play even started.  But that allowed me to really watch & enjoy Taya's performance without any distractions.

My little monkey was WONDERFUL.  Taya is finally coming out of her shy stage & was SO cute up there on stage.  I hope she continues to try new things to challenge herself.  She made me SO proud.

Great job Taya my sweet little monkey.

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