Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jazz Game & Family Fun

We finally made it to Utah & much to our surprise, there was NO snow.  It was a perfect drive & we were happy to be with family when we got there.  It was the first time we had seen my parent's new house since they had just moved a few months earlier.  It is beautiful. . . & I love Lehi, the town they live in now.  It's a great little town.

The first few days there we planned out meals for the week, went grocery shopping & present shopping (my favorite part of the week), & just hung out & played games.  Cari introduced me to this amazing drink place where they add flavors to Sprite (like PEACH) & it was just delicious.  We went there every single day & got new drinks.  It was a blast.

The Wednesday we were there, Justin took Trek & the boys to the Jazz game.  He had floor seats & the boys have never been to a real basketball game before.  They had SO MUCH FUN.  They even ran into Mitt Romney which was kind of fun.  Craiger even caught a basketball shot from a cannon.

While the boys were at the Jazz game, I threw a neighborhood Christmas cookie & hot cocoa party for my mom & dad.  They had invited the entire neighborhood over, so I helped make the cocoa, supplied the cookies, & kept the guests entertained for the night.  It was a blast getting to know all the wonderful people who live around my parents in their new house.

Every single day was filled with fun.  In fact, we wore the kids out by 8 each night.  We'd find them passed out asleep all over the house.  It was pretty funny.

And Justin & Cari's dog stayed over a lot while we were there too.  We love Rex.  If I were to ever get a puppy, it would be just like Rex.  (a cross breed of a schnauser & a schit-zu).

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