Friday, February 24, 2017

A Very Nancy Christmas

Most of you know I have a very dear friend named Nancy who is like a Fairy Godmother to my family.  I met Nancy on a plane ride home from working for Disney as an Imagineer.  We talked the entire plane ride, exchanged numbers, & we've been best of friends ever since.  

Nancy really is our fairy Godmother.  She has no children of her own so she basically adopted our family as hers.  Every year for the kids' birthdays & for Christmas she sends us the most amazing gifts & surprises.  She loves it & we just adore her.  She is SO sweet & does so many things for so many people.  We are blessed to have her in our life.

When we got home from our Utah trip, we had our Nancy presents waiting for us.  Nancy usually sends clothes for everyone for Christmas & birthdays & we just love her for it.  The kids all got new shoes & new clothes for the new year.  They were thrilled.

I got a bunch of clothes, shoes, & some fun little miscellaneous things.

Trek got some new shirts, hot cocoa, a new nutcracker (she sends him one for Christmas every year) & a few other fun things.

His new night watchman nutcracker looks great with his collection.  Nancy has sent him ALL of these nutcrackers over the years.  It's quite the collection now.

Instead of buying a bunch of presents for the kids this year, they got our trip to Universal & a new trampoline.  We figured they'd have more fun with those two things anyway & we were right.  As soon as we got home, Trek set it up & they've been jumping every day ever since.  Best purchase EVER.

And Christmas vacation was over just like that!  What fun we had though.  It was wonderful seeing both sides of the family & just relaxing for a couple of weeks.

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