Sunday, February 19, 2017

Opa & Oma's House

After an eventful day at Universal Studios, we had a nice, quiet day at Opa & Oma's before heading out on our long drive to Utah.  

When we woke up on Sunday morning, we were surprised to see a bunch of cute stockings near the fireplace filled with gifts from Opa & Oma.  

We took turns opening up each stocking & seeing what fun things were inside.  Canyon really loved his Mickey Mouse . . . 

And his yellow pig that made piggy noises when you squeezed it.

Craiger got a Jack Skellington Infinity character,

and all sorts of fun things.

Bladen got some new sets for his Schleich dragons & knights.

And Taya got a beautiful fairy & a bedroom for her dollhouse.

Lorien got a Merida Infinity character & a cute Harry Potter shirt.

And Cadence got an amazing oboe solos book & hair things.

I was the luckiest of all & got a frozen piano book & a Belle Funko Pop figure.

Trek got a wire brush for his tools, some computer things, & lots of candy.

Trek's parents also had our names for Christmas this year so we got to open our Christmas presents early.

Trek got the Labyrinth game he's been wanting & some really nice socks.

I love Trek's mom.  She is the only person on earth who would buy me Zumba clothes.  I'm SO in love with them.  I do Zumba every Friday night & now I'll get to dance in hot pink.  I'm SO excited.

After church we came home & made gingerbread houses.  The kids had a blast making their own little designs.

They all turned out wonderful.  

Thank you Opa & Oma for such a wonderful 2 days.  We loved being with you.

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