Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cadence & Lorien's Luau Birthday Party

This year the girls decided to have a combined birthday party since they both go to the same school & have the same friends.  That worked great for me so we planned one really big LUAU for them & all their friends.  Because February was SO insane this year, we opted to do their party EARLY on January 28th even though Cadence's birthday isn't until February 6th & Lo's is February 21st.

They each got to choose a cake for their party.  Cadence chose a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I added a little pink & some Hawaiian flowers to it to make it fit the Luau theme.

Lorien wanted to try a pineapple upside down cake for her cake which was a new one for me, but it turned out really pretty & absolutely delicious.

I also made some adorable flip flops out of nutter butters.

The girls were SO excited for this party.  It's been a while since we've done an evening party.  But it was nice & we got to serve dinner too which was fun.

My friend Nancy helped send some decorations & fun things that fit the luau theme.  I had a blast searching pintrest for luau food & snack ideas.

I had some luau style decorations from Lorien's Disneyland birthday party last year (tiki room) so they worked out perfectly for this one.

And I was able to find some lei's for all the guests . . . even the boys.

We first let all the kids (there were 18 of them) all go get some energy out by playing "Fish Out Of Water" at the park.

We also brought our flying shark & nemo to the park too so we could race them, but the wind was too strong, so we raced them at home instead.

The kids liked the shark. 

The lifesaver gummies were disappearing way too quickly so I decided to keep my eye on them to see why.  This is what I found.  Little stinker.

And his face when he realized he'd been caught.  ha ha ha ha ha ha.

After an hour of playing we had dinner.  Hawaiian Haystacks.  They were absolutely delicious.

After dinner, the kids broke up into groups.  Some jumped on the trampoline while others played board games in the living room or sang karaoke.  Lorien got the Moana karaoke cd which worked perfect for the luau theme.

While they played I made pina coladas (with sprite) for everyone.  I think the umbrellas were their favorite part.

After an hour of games, it was time for cake & ice cream.

And the girls got some super fun things from their friends.

It was an amazing party & everyone had a ton of fun.  It was a really fun party to do too.  I loved it.

Happy Birthday Cadence & Lorien.  I love you.

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