Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trek's Work Christmas Party

Only in Silicone Valley would you have a Christmas party like Trek's office.

We had a fun pizza dinner with tons of food, an elephant gift exchange for all the kids, & then an hour of "playing with toys!"

What toys you might ask?

Well here's just a few I actually got pics of . . . 

Hoverboards (which are my teenage girls' favorites), 

several drones (I think each of my boys & Trek were all flying different drones),

robots (BB8 & Sphero) controlled by tablets,

(It was really amazing watching 2 & 3 year old kids controlling these drones & robots.  User interface is amazing nowadays)

And virtual reality games which I found absolutely hilarious.  There were a few people just wandering around the room reaching out trying to swat at bad guys & sometimes you got caught in the enslaught.  I don't think I'll ever understand the draw of virtual reality, but my kids thought it was the coolest thing they've ever seen in their life.

This area is really such a cool high tech place.  It's been a really fun assignment for our whole family. The kids are all learning basic computer coding in school & Cadence is actually in the process of developing her own music teaching app for the apple store right now.  She's taking a Swift course & is doing really well at it.


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