Monday, August 23, 2010

Dennis the Menace Park

We took everybody to this really fun park called the Dennis the Menace Park here in Monterey. This park was SO MUCH FUN for both kids & adults.

There was a fun maze that we all got lost in (not really, but it was fun).

There were teeter totters, a pirate ship, sand galore, bridges, swings, slides. . . you name it & this place had it. It was pretty cool. The girls were super excited about the "roll" slide just like the one at Happyland in Germany. The whole thing is made of little rollers that go around & around that makes you glide down. They all loved that.

Taya was hilarious to watch because she goes down slides like she's riding a luge. She lies down & just speeds down them. It's so funny to watch.

Tylee took Bladen down all the slides. I think she had more fun than all the kids combined. It's so fun to act like a kid again!

But the best slides were these crooked things near the front of the park. Nobody dared go on them at first because kids were getting "beat up" going down them. But we eventually got everyone to go down. Cadence & Lorien both complained that it hurt, but Taya did her little luge thing & flew down them. Tylee tried going down with Bladen & banged his head up a little bit, but it was funny to watch! We had a blast.

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  1. That park looks so awesome!! I want to go when we come visit! Who knows when that will be, but hopefully soon!