Monday, August 16, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium (Salt Lake City)

So Mimi & Baba took all the kiddos to the Aquarium the day before Trek came home to keep their minds off of everything. My kids LOVE aquariums. They love fish & everything that has to do with fish. Little Korbyn is a "Nemo" lover. He was SO excited to go see Nemo.

The kids were SO fascinated with all the exhibits. They seriously could watch fish for hours. We just went from tank to tank & watched them all. Korbyn liked the Nemo tank (of course), & my girls seemed fascinated with the jellyfish & octopus. Cadence especially loved the seahorses. Did you know that it's the male seahorse that gets pregnant & has kids? Strange stuff you learn. ha ha ha.

Further along in the museum they have a giant tank full of sharks & a giant sea turtle. That was super fun to stare at. Then in the middle of the room they have a "pond" full of sting rays that they allow you to "pet." The kids LOVED this. They would get SO excited when a sting ray would get close to them, but as soon as they could feel it, they would pull away in fear. Taya summed it up nicely, "Ewwww, sticky!"

After petting sting rays, we headed over to the penguin exhibit. I think we spent the majority of our time there. The kids wanted to watch them forever. They were pretty entertaining. They would dance & waddle around on the land & then they'd take turns jumping into the cold water. The kids would laugh every time they jumped. It was so much fun for them.

Bladen thought the penguins were amazing. He loved pointing at them & laughed every time they did anything amusing.

After looking at penguins, spiders, an alligator, & a huge anaconda snake, we went back & played in the "coral" playground. We got a few pics of the grandkids all together. It's hard to get a good picture of all of them, but we tried.

Justin was goofing off & got his hand stuck in one of the corals on our way out. Dorkdot.

What a fun day to spend with family.

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