Monday, August 30, 2010

Lorien Potter Kindergartener

Not only is Cadence in 2nd grade, but my little baby Lorien is in Kindergarten this year. It makes me want to cry! I can't believe how fast they grow up. Lorien has been DYING to go to school since Cadence started two years ago & in Germany she went to the German Kindergarten, but it was only for a couple of hours each day. She was SO excited to learn that Kindergarten here in Monterey was all day long!

She worked all summer long & saved up her allowance because she wanted to buy the biggest, best, Princess & the Frog backpack for her Kindergarten year. I told her I'd buy her a backpack, but she wanted THIS particular one & it was a little expensive. But she did it all by herself & payed for it. It means SO much to her now. She is such a hard worker!

Lorien's Kindergarten class is actually located about a block & a half away from the main elementary school campus that Cadence goes to. All the kindergarten kids go to the Marshall West campus which makes it a little more special for them. Lorien feels like she has her own special school that is "different" than her big sister's. What makes it even more special is that we drop her off at Cadence's school in the morning & she gets to ride a bus to her school. Then after school, she hops on the same bus & meets me at Cadence's school when I pick them up. She LOVES the bus!

Lorien got a really nice teacher named Ms. Fairman. She seems really patient with the kids & has a really fun personality. Lorien comes home every day showing me what she learned. I'm super excited because I've been asked to teach music for the Kindergarten. I'll be teaching a 45 minute class two times a month all around music! How exciting is that? Lorien can't wait to have me as a teacher!

I'm so proud of you sweetheart! Don't grow up too fast on me! Love you!

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