Sunday, August 22, 2010


The very day we moved into our new house, we had visitors come visit us. Oma, Auntie Tylee, & Pierre all came to stay with us for the weekend. Oma flew in from LA & Tylee & Pierre drove from San Francisco. The kids were SO excited to show off their new house.

Everybody brought some fun surprises for the kids. Tylee & Pierre brought chocolate for everyone from San Francisco Ghiradelli Square. . . & then they brought a bat & ball for Lorien, bubbles for Taya, drums for Bladen (revenge will come, Tylee. . . revenge will come), & SLIME for Cadence.

Everybody liked their surprises. Oma brought us all MORE chocolate & then brought the kids a bunch of fun beach toys (which are bath toys as well) & some SUPER FUN crafts. Everybody was SO happy with all the treats & fun things. Thank you everyone!

They slept over (all of us on air mattresses since we didn't have our stuff yet) on Friday night & then early Saturday, we all had a classic McDonald's breakfast on the floor of our dining room. (Did I mention I miss my chairs & kitchen supplies?) We had SO MUCH FUN sitting there eating our breakfast. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. What a fun way to start a new life in a new house!

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