Monday, August 16, 2010

Visit from Uncle Talon & Auntie Carolyn

Talon & Carolyn came to visit us while we were in UT with my mom. It's been YEARS since we've seen Talon & we've NEVER met Carolyn. So we were SUPER excited for them to come visit. They came on a Thursday night, stayed the night, & had to leave Friday at lunch time. But we made the most of the time we had with them. They woke up with the kids on Friday morning & Talon wrestled them until they couldn't move! They LOVED it. I think Bladen was a little confused because when we called Trek on the computer, he kept looking at "daddy" & then he would turn & look at Talon with a confused look on his face. I think he thought Talon WAS daddy! They look so much alike it wouldn't surprise me. They were so cute with the kids. It was SO nice having them there.

For lunch we all went out to Talon's FAVORITE: Taco Time. I love Taco Time too. He had his usual crisp meat burritos, but Carolyn got him to try the crispy chicken ones (which are MY favorite) & he LOVED them! We laughed. He said he had no idea what he was missing out on. They are seriously THAT good!

But we had fun. We miss them now. WE LOVE YOU AUNTIE CAROLYN & UNKIE TALON!

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