Monday, August 30, 2010

Marina Beach

Everybody knows that I love a good beach. I can't believe how close we live to tons of beaches! We decided to explore the Marina beach first since it was closest to us. We timed it & it was almost exactly 5 minutes from our driveway to the parking area of the beach. The beaches here are cold (between 55-65 degrees), but it's still a beach & it's beautiful.

Bladen didn't know how to react to all the sand. That was a new sensation for him. We were laughing hysterically at him trying to move around in it.

The cold air didn't stop the girls at all. They had their swimsuits on (with jackets of course) & they were right out there as the tide came in. It was freezing & they ran from it most of the time, but it was SO refreshing to just let the waves roll over your feet.

Taya & Bladen didn't like the water one bit, so I hung out with them & buried things in the sand. Taya was SO creeped out by all the seaweed. She would walk around & say "Ew! Icky! Gross!" It was hilarious!

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