Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well, here it is! 3255 Monterey Rd. Seaside, CA 93955.

Welcome to our beautiful new home (for the next 2 years at least). When I drove up the first time I just about peed my pants. THIS is a military house??? This is what they offer us for FREE? Are you kidding?

2400 square feet, 5 bedroms, 2 1/2 bathrooms. . . walk in closets . . . new kitchen appliances (including a ice & water machine in the fridge). What more could we ask for?

I won't show you pictures of the entire house because who wants to look at pictures of empty rooms right? I promise to take pictures as soon as our household goods arrive because then they might be worth looking at. ha ha ha. But I did take a couple pictures so you could see layout design.

When you walk through the front door, to the left is a little living room. It's not very big, but it meets our needs which is all you can ask for. Right by the front door is a coat closet & the half bath (which is quite large for a half bath). When you walk passed the living room & the stairs, you enter the "great room" & kitchen. There's a massive "hidden" room that goes under the stairs. We're going to make that into an arts & crafts room for me & the kids. Then in the great room we'll have the piano, computer desk, dining room table, & our big buffet from Germany.

The kitchen is small, but again. . . it does what it needs to. Everything is new & state of the art which is SO MUCH FUN!!! I've never seen such a big microwave in my life! And to have a gas stove again is HEAVEN! There's a bar on the one side so we can buy some bar stools so we can eat at the counter for breakfast & lunch. That was kind of fun.

Behind the kitchen is a comfy little laundry room & in the laundry room is the door that leads to the massive 2 car garage.

Here's a picture from our kitchen window. It's cloudy, but you can see the ocean line. It's SO beautiful on a clear day. And wait until to see the view from the upstairs windows!

Upstairs we have a little loft (perfect for a Christmas tree) for the kids to sit & play in. And then we have the 5 bedrooms all around the loft. The 1st is going to be a toy room for the girls. The room next to that is going to be their bedroom (with a huge walk in closet). The room next to them is going to be the guest room until the new baby comes. Then it will be Bladen's room. The "nursery"/ "Bladen's room now is next to that room & then the kids' bathroom is next to that.

Next to the bathroom is the water heater closet thing & then a linen closet. And then it's the master room which is 2 times the size as our room was in our last house. It's SO wonderful. I especially love our massive closet. Aaaah closets . . . how I've missed you. (That's one thing I DON'T miss about Germany) And then we have a huge bathroom just to ourselves. It even has a double sink. Trek was pretty excited about that.

The one thing I DIDN'T like about the house is how small the backyard is. It's liveable, but very tiny. And it's full of woodchips instead of grass. But we go permission from the housing development to take out the wood chips ourselves & pay to put in our own sod. We're definitely going to do that when we catch a breath. There's so much to do first, but I definitely want a "lawn" in my backyard. On the plus side, we have a cute little park with a playground just one house away from ours. So I send the kids there a lot when they want to play outside. And if we're in the mood for a 5 minute walk, there's a HUGE playground just up the street. Having those 2 parks so close veto's out the tiny backyard.

It wasn't a very clear day when I took these pictures, but you can kind of see the beautiful view we have out the back windows of our house. We are literally 5 minutes from 2 different beaches. I love to sit upstairs & look out the window & watch the sun reflect off the water. It's like living in a daydream.

So that's it! We're SUPER excited. We love it. It's the perfect house for us. And it's completely free. We have truly been blessed here.

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