Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fiesta Days Carnival

For the 24th of July, we went down to the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days carnival. In Utah, every town has their own "days" during the summer. Ours just happens to fall over the 24th of July weekend. I loved it as a kid & I was super excited to share the experience with my kiddos. We went with Korbyn & Jaxon too. The more the merrier right?

Baba bought all the kids tickets to ride 2 rides each. All 3 girls rode in a little car that went around & around while Korbyn & Jaxon had a little hot rod.

The big girls went into the "funhouse" for their 2nd ride. They loved that.

And Taya opted to ride the boats with the boys. They all had a blast.

The girls had been earning money all month (from me, Mimi, & Mamoo) by doing chores & helping out & they wanted to spend their money on carnival games. They each had about $5 so they found this duck game that cost. . . you guessed it, $5.00! For $5.o0 you got to pick up 5 ducks out of the pond. If the bottom of the duck had a "prize" marked on the bottom, you win.

I was super surprised! All 3 girls won pretty big for a silly carnival game. Taya got medium prizes on 3 of her ducks so she got to pick whatever she wanted from the entire pile of stuffed toys since she got 3. She picked a cute purple bear that wasn't huge. (Thank heavens because she could have gotten something huge & we don't have room for that right now!)

Lorien got 1 medium duck & 1 small duck prize so she got a "medium prize". . . a pink elephant.

And Cadence got 2 small prize ducks so she picked out a "duck!"

I was happy they all got something fun for themselves with the money they earned. It was fun.

Then Uncle Zach surprised the girls with one more ticket to ride one more ride. Baba took all three of them on the giant slide. They had a BLAST!

So, happy 24th of July from Spanish Fork!! We had fun!

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