Monday, September 13, 2010

Arriving at Opa & Oma's House

Trek got Friday off of work, so as soon as the girls got out of school, we packed up the van & headed to Los Angeles to visit Opa & Oma. We were all SO excited. It's been over 2 years since we were there last. To make it even more exciting, we met Tylee when we hit the 5 freeway & she rode with us the rest of the way. I loved having her there to entertain the kids for the long drive. She let Bladen play with her iPhone the entire ride. We were laughing SO hard. He's definitely his daddy's boy! LA is only 5 hours from us, but with all the bathroom breaks, a nice dinner at Quizno's, & waiting for Tylee to arrive it took us about 7 hours. So we were pretty excited when we finally pulled into Opa & Oma's house.

As soon as we walked through the front door, Oma had the presents out & ready to give. Each kiddo got a cute foam hat to wear at the fair. They LOVED their hats. Then they also got their very own Hannah Montana microphones to sing their hearts into. SO HILARIOUS!! Oma knows how to pick the perfect toys to play with.

We had to go to bed shortly after that. It was pretty late & we had to get up early & go to the LA County fair in the morning. SO we got our beauty sleep, woke up, had breakfast waiting for us (thank you Oma), & then played around until Nancy arrived.

And when I say "played around" I mean Trek was a mean big brother to Tylee & flipped her around & tickled her until she couldn't breathe. It's so funny to see him with his siblings. He's a whole different person. I love the relationship he has with them & I hope my kids have the same relationship with each other someday as well.

Then Nancy showed up & visited for a little bit. . . & then we were off to the fair!!

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