Friday, September 10, 2010

Partners in Crime

Taya & Bladen have officially become partners in crime. With Cadence & Lorien in school all day now, all they have is each other & boy do they use & abuse it. I swear, while one is peeing on the floor in the bathroom, the other one is emptying all my pots, pans, & tupperware in the kitchen. Then while I clean that up, the other goes upstairs & changes her clothes about 10 times leaving them scattered all around the upstairs area. Then I clean that up while the other one takes off his own diaper & wipes the floor with what's inside. It's like a never ending JOB with these two. And they KNOW they're trouble.

But I absolutely love watching the love they have for one another. The way Bladen looks at & touches Taya's cheeks is so special. And Taya protects him like a mother. They love each other so much & that makes me SO happy.

They broke into the baby "box" when we were unpacking & look what they found. . . Then they crawled around for hours talking like babies.

Costco is one of our favorite places. Bladen loves to pull Taya's hair since they sit right next to each other in the cart. To get even, Taya takes Bladen's "samples" & eats them while he's watching which makes him SO mad!

But they sure do love each other anyway.

They also have this little game of "chase" that they like to do. Bladen screams just as loud as Taya does. It's so cute to watch them interact with one another.

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