Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Labor Day

For Labor Day, Opa & Oma took us down to their camping resort in Acton, CA. It had beautiful picnic & BBQ areas & one huge pool. Opa & I stayed & cooked the Labor Day BBQ (there wasn't a whole lot to do because Oma got up extra early & prepped everything) while everybody else went swimming with the kids. The pool sounded great, but I was so sick to my stomach that I couldn't go. I was kind of sad about that. But I loved sitting & talking to Opa. It ended up being a ton of fun.

When lunch was ready, we rounded everyone up from the pool & had some wonderful food. . . hamburgers with the works, hot dogs, chips, beans, brownies. It was SO good.

Then after lunch we all headed back to the pool to finish the day off with more swimming. I'm so glad my kids love the water. They're getting to be good little swimmers. I love it.

At 3:00 we had to take off for home (5 hour drive), but we had a WONDERFUL weekend & can't wait to go visit Opa & Oma again soon!

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