Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday Night with the Family

So for our after dinner snack, Oma made the coolest "Sundae Bar" I've ever seen. We had bananas, all sorts of candy, every ice cream syrup imaginable, whipped cream. . . do I need to go on? The girls had SO MUCH FUN building their own ice cream creations.

Lorien's was the most colorful. . .

Cadence's was dripping with chocolate. . .

And Taya's was pretty much a bowl of candy & whipped cream with a tiny bit of ice cream.

And the best part? We ALL got to make ice cream sundae's. Dad made milkshakes too for those who weren't in the mood for giant banana splits. I had a banana split. . . AND a milkshake. Hey, I'm pregnant. . . I can do that!

Poor Tylee. . . Bladen drank most of hers.

Bladen started walking. . . really walking while we were there. He's FINALLY getting it (thank heavens). Little lazy boy. ha ha ha. We still love him.

Then after the ice cream goodness, Cadence & Lorien built a fort to sleep in. They LOVE to build forts out of Opa & Oma's big bricks. They love it & look forward to it every time we are in town.

It was a very fun Sunday!

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