Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old MacDonald had a farm. . . E I E I O!!

We walked all the way to the back of the fairgrounds where we found the big red barn full of fun farm animals. I was pretty sick at this point. The heat wasn't doing me any good & I was really dehydrated. Trek literally sat me down in the stroller & was pushing me around because I was wobbling when I stood up. I could see black dots in front of my eyes & I just knew I was going to fall over any second. But Opa came to my rescue with a HUGE cup of ice cold water. It's amazing what water can do for you! Within a few minutes, I was back on my feet & enjoying myself again.

The girls had SO MUCH FUN here. There were cows, goats, pigs, chickens, little baby chicks, you name it. There was also a huge playground where the kids could run & jump all around a bunch of bales of hay. Talk about FUN!

But their favorite part was the cute petting zoo. Usually Lorien is SUPER scared of un-gated animals, but she did SO good. She walked through the zoo & let all the animals nuzzle up to her. She sat with them & petted them. Taya LOVES animals. Cadence was "too hot" to go around the "stinky sweaty" animals, but the younger two LOVED it. They did such a great job at being gentle with the animals.

I'm SO glad we went to the barn first. The fun we had there cancelled out all the other "long line & expensive" issues we had before. We were having fun at the fair.

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