Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have a great time at the fair. . .

I don't know what possessed us to go to the LA County Fair on opening day when admission was $1 instead of $18. Not only that, but it fell on Labor Day weekend & was 106 degrees outside. Can we say MASSIVE CHAOS? It took us at least an hour just to park the van & then we had to walk a mile to get to the ticket office. They were only offering the dollar tickets until 1:00 pm so we were RUSHED to get through the line. We waited in that line for thirty minutes & actually bought our tickets at 12:56. I still can't believe we got THAT close to having to pay $18 per person to get into this madhouse!

Once we got in, the girls had to go potty (go figure) so that was another 20 minute line & then we were all hungry. It took 40 minutes to get 3 corndogs (which cost us $15 EACH!!!) Needless to say, we SHARED corn dogs. $50 for corndogs? Really? Did I mention the 106 degree sun? We were off to a great start!

But then there was a super cute parade with farm animals & pirates & that livened up our spirits. Nancy caught a beaded necklace that Captain Jack Sparrow threw our way. We knew we HAD to go see the Pirate Adventure.

So we ate our HUGE corndogs (which were delicious by the way) while we waited for Opa, Oma, Tuhk, & Tarrish to meet us (from the airport). Once we were all together again, we headed into the heart of the fair. . .

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