Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinosaurs. . . . RAAAAAAAWR!!!

Bladen loves Dinosaurs! He's loved them since he could roll over. His eyes light up, a smile crosses his face, & he gives the cutest "RAAAAAAWR!" you've ever heard. I just love seeing him around dinosaurs. It makes me smile. It's so fun having a boy!

There was an entire dinosaur exhibit at the fair this year. Since we saw the princesses & pirates for the girls, we HAD to see the dinosaurs for Bladen. I don't think the family believed me when I said that Bladen loves them. But when they saw him IN the exhibit, we couldn't help but laugh at his excitement. He couldn't take his eyes off them. He pointed & stared & made sure we all saw what he was seeing. His excitement made us all feel like kids again.

My girls like dinosaurs too, but they tend to get a little scared at times. They made sure they had Opa & Tuhk nearby to protect them just in case one of the dinosaurs came to life ("for real") & decided it wanted 3 little girls for lunch.

It was so much fun. It was probably my favorite exhibit at the fair just because of how Bladen came alive. His excitement was contagious! I love my little dino-loving man.

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