Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Science Museum, San Francisco

After eating lunch, Tylee & Pierre took us to the Academy of Sciences Museum to show the kids all about science & animals. This place was enormous & we came on a very busy day. There was NO parking ANYWHERE. Tylee was sweet & took our van to park while we waited in the front of the museum for her. She ended up parking over a mile away. How crazy is that?

The girls didn't mind the wait. They played tag with each other most of the time. They love to have the freedom to run!

Once we got inside, we immediately went towards the water & the sting ray tank. The kids were SO excited to see the sting rays swim around!

Bladen, being my boy, decided that he liked the sharks more than the sting rays. He couldn't stop pointing & making "Raawwrr" noises at them.

After the shark tank, we headed into the tropical area. There were several exhibits with stuffed animals as well as exhibits with live animals. The girls LOVED it. There were lizards & snakes & spiders & all sorts of fun things.

And at the very end of this exhibit was a huge tank full of penguins. My kids love penguins. We probably sat there for 20 minutes just watching them dive, dance, & swim. Bladen made a little penguin friend that would follow his finger when he touched the glass. It was so fun!

Once we were in the main hall again, we found some exhibits on bugs (GROSS) & this big turtle. Bladen was SO fascinated with the turtle. He had his entire face pushed up against the glass trying to get it's attention. He even tried to kiss it a few times.

After walking around a little more, Cadence found a sign pointing to "The Aquarium!" Yup, had to do that! Cadence & Lorien could hardly contain their excitement as we headed down the stairs into the undersea unknown.

They had one big room that was completely surrounded by water. Yes, it was slightly terrifying for me, but SO FUN for the kids. Bladen kept yelling "Fsh. . . Fsh!" And Taya was screaming "NEMO!! DORY!!!" at the top of her lungs. Lorien & Cadence just liked to look at all the fish swimming.

They had all sorts of neat tanks full of underwater creatures. Cadence really likes seahorses. There was a BEAUTIFUL leaf seahorse (see pic below) that was just stunning to look at.

There were jellyfish, an octopus, squid, you name it. It was a fantastic exhibit.

After an hour & a half in the aquarium, we headed up up up to the top of the Amazon Rainforest! They had an exhibit where you walk up a ramp to the very tip top of the amazon. You are surrounded by birds & butterflies that land on you. It's hot & humid, but quite beautiful & the sounds of the wildlife was amazing. They also had some SCARY spiders up there too. Taya LOVED the butterflies!

After exploring the rain forest, we found a little kid play area & let the kids play for a while. We were all starting to get exhausted so we let them get their energy out while Tylee & Pierre went to pick up the van.

We took one last picture in front of the dinosaur at the front of the museum & then we were on our way. What a fun learning experience for us all. Thank you Tylee & Pierre for a great time!

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