Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Pirate Adventure!

We FINALLY made it to the Pirate Adventure & we had a BLAST! They had several live shows where Jack Sparrow fought with Captain Hook or Davy Jones. It was very entertaining. The kids loved it.

There were also several separated "areas" here as well. There was a huge sand pile with pirate treasure chests & a giant shark mouth silhouette. Taya was playing in the sand & uncovered a gold coin. She was SO excited. Once the other girls saw that Taya found something by digging they started to dig their hearts out. Cadence found a beautiful red jewel & Lorien found a bouncy ball. I guess they put prizes in the sand every day of the fair & if a child digs one up, they get to keep it. Our girls were the first girls to figure it out that day. It was VERY exciting.

They also had a "Pirate in the Sky" attraction where you could pay extra money to do a zipline over the pirate area. All three of my girls were DYING to do it, but Cadence was the only one that was old enough & fit the height restriction. Lorien was a little bummed, but didn't get too worked up over it. Taya on the other hand was COMPLETELY devastated that she didn't "get a turn" on the "magic swing." Poor thing. Cadence did a fabulous job though. She wasn't scared one bit, & went for it full force. She came off feeling like a million bucks & wanted to ride again. My little girl is growing up.

They had cute little cutouts all over the fair. The kids LOVED putting their faces in them. Such cute kiddies!

We had a blast at the pirate adventure. What a fun part of the fair.

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