Saturday, September 18, 2010

Human Hamsters

What could be more fun that HUMAN HAMSTER BALLS? At the Pirate Adventure area of the fair, we saw these things, but just passed them by. After visiting the dinosaur museum, we came back & decided to let the kids (both big & little) give it a "whirl!"

First they put you in the equivalent of a large plastic bag on water. (Yup, you don't see me getting in one of those!) Then they pump it up with air & let you float around for 20 minutes.

I thought Taya would get scared when the ball was not inflated, but she was all for it. She was hilarious! She couldn't ever get her balance to stand up, so she just lied down & let the current take her wherever it wanted to. She looked like a little daydreamer sleeping in a giant plastic ball. SO CUTE!

Bladen LOVED watching daddy. Well. . .Bladen was sound asleep in Tylee's arms until Daddy tried to be "cool" & ran splashing water on my iPhone, stroller, Taya, & Bladen waking him up. He was furious at first, but then he couldn't stop laughing at his daddy being silly in the ball.

Cadence, Lorien, & Taya had a blast, but Daddy was hilarious. He was trying SO hard to jump, run, & look silly in his ball. As the 20 minutes wore on, I could tell he was slowing down & when he got out he almost threw up. He was SO sick afterward. He said he felt like he ran out of air & couldn't breath & then all the movement made him super sick. I guess we're not as young as we used to be. ha ha ha.

After the hamster balls, we were exhausted. It was still hotter than hot so we took the train back to the front gate of the fair. It was SO nice to ride instead of walk. We had a GREAT DAY AT THE FAIR!

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