Monday, August 6, 2018

Day 3: San Antonio, Texas

Day 3 was 11 more hours of Texas desert.  My goodness, I had no idea how incredibly large Texas was.  I swear you could drive 3 days straight & still be in Texas.  But the thing that's crazy to me is that it's all desert until you hit San Antonio, then all of a sudden Texas is green & lush & beautiful.  In fact, I kind of fell in love with San Antonio & wouldn't mind living there at some point.

The long drive to San Antonio was rough on the kiddos though.  There were only bathrooms every few hours & my poor boys just couldn't wait that long.  We had to make some pit stops on the side of the road.

But once we made it to San Antonio, we LOVED it.  We had a hotel right on the river & it was GORGEOUS.  We spent several hours just walking around the riverwalk.  It was raining for a good chunk of our walk, but it was SO hot that we didn't mind.  There was so much to see & do along that river walk.  We loved it.

We saw the Alamo along our walk as well.  It's a LOT smaller than I thought it would be.  But it was beautiful.  I loved reading the history of the Alamo, & it was nice to visit the inside while it poured buckets of rain outside.

We ended up eating at a Texas BBQ restaurant right there on the river walk.  It was fantastic.

It was great.  We had fun walking around & the kiddos even got to experience humidity for the first time.

I don't think my girls' hair is going to like Alabama humidity very much.  Taya's got super curly, Cadence's went into full lion mane frizz, & Lo's started waving.  It was pretty cute.  Humidity is definitely something we're going to have to adjust to, but yay for a new adventure.

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