Thursday, August 2, 2018

Moving . . .

Moving is so hard.  It really is.  I will admit, I love relocating myself & making new friends & discovering new places, but the actual "act" of moving is terrible.  I get nervous watching people touch my things, not knowing what condition they'll be in when they arrive at the new house.  I hate the feeling of displacement & "nothingness."  But it all works out eventually.

This move was a complete nightmare.  I'm not going to lie.  First they entered in our weight wrong thinking they were packing up 1600 pounds when it should have been 16000 pounds.  Trek called both TMO & the moving companies (there were 7 involved) every day for over 2 months trying to figure out why someone hadn't come for a pre-inspection.  When someone FINALLY answered the week before we were supposed to be packed up, they realized their mistake & it was too late to fix it. We were supposed to have our house packed up on a Mon-Wed, but because they were planning on 1600 pounds instead of 16000 pounds, they were NOT prepared.  They pushed our packout to Thurs-Saturday.  We were supposed to turn over the keys to the house on Friday.  It was literally the biggest mess I've ever dealt with.

Because the moving company messed up, they desperately found whoever they could to pack us up Thurs-Saturday which meant the last pick of all the movers in Northern CA.  And there was a reason they were the last pick.  They were AWFUL.  Not only did I feel like I had to babysit them. . . but they were extremely disrespectful to us & our belongings.  I caught them in the garage playing with my son's drumset, combing through our Halloween costume buckets & even caught them TRYING ON MY COSTUMES.  They broke my Plinko board right off the bat & watching them pack & wrap my stuff gave me anxiety attacks because of how poorly it was done.  When they "finished" & got ready to leave, I found 3 drawers, 1 cupboard, & entire area of stuff they "forgot" to pack up.  

Tylee stopped by for one last good-bye dinner.  We are sure going to miss living so close to her.  We love her so much.

During the entire packing process, the poor kids had to hide out in the bathroom so they didn't bother the movers.  They crammed in there & watched movies on our laptops & iPads.  Poor things.

These movers refused to take apart ANYTHING.  So Trek & I were frantically taking apart furniture & things around the house so they'd pack it up.  As we took apart our small shed in the backyard, we found a treasure trove of Black Widow spiders.  Our house here in CA was crawling with black widows all the time, but this was the mother load.  There were probably 8 large black widows & 5 egg sacks under this shelf.  Ugh.  We killed them all & washed the shed so it would be ready to pack up.

As a last hoorah before I left, I took my 2 really close friends to Alex's Patesserie for some french desserts.  They were absolutely beautiful & tasted like a dream.  I'm going to miss the fancy food you can get in CA.  I love the little shops on Castro St.  They are so fun.  I'm going to miss my friends so much.

FINALLY, we were ready to take off.  The moving truck was loaded, our stuff was gone, we turned in our house keys, & we headed to Los Angeles for 3 days to say good-bye to Trek's family.  We were officially moving.


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