Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Getting Ready for School

School starts really early here in Prattville.  My poor kids didn't get much of a summer with all the moving, but I think they'll be happy to get into a real routine again.

Craiger managed to loose his top front tooth 2 days before school started.  He is the most adorable toothless wonder you've ever seen.

And Cadence has her Marching Band uniform all ready to be worn.  She is rocking it in Marching Band this year.  I've never seen her so happy which makes me really happy.

All the kids had school open houses 2 days before school started.  We got to meet their teachers, bring in the school supplies, & get familiar with the schools.  All 6 open houses were on the same day.  Let's just say I'm glad that day is over with.  It was crazy.

First we went to the Kindergarten & got to meet Canyon's teacher.  She is an angel.  He found his cubby hole, where to hang his backpack, sat in his desk, & found his folder.

He is SO excited to finally start school.  He has the most sought after teacher at the entire school.  He's going to love it there.

Taya starts 5th grade this year & has 2 wonderful teachers.  She spends most of her time with her homeroom teacher though, & goes to the other teacher for english & history.

I'm completely in love with Craiger's 2nd grade teacher.  She loves Mickey Mouse & her classroom is all red, black, & white Mickey's EVERYWHERE.  Her curtains are Mickey, her calendar dates are Mickey, her hall passes are Mickey.  I LOVE HER.  Craiger is going to have a blast in her class.

Bladen is a big boy 4th grader this year.  He also has a homeroom class & a 2nd block class.  He loves his homeroom teacher.  He will be with her for English & history & move to his other teacher for math & science.  She's a sweetheart.  I think she's going to be great for him.

We are a little nervous, but VERY excited for school to start.  Hooray for a new school year.

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