Monday, August 6, 2018

San Diego

We made it safe & sound to Trek's parents house in Canyon Country, CA.  It was really nice being with family again.  The kids were loving their "cousin time."

We decided to take a trip down to San Diego.  Trek & I hadn't been back since our wedding day & the kids had never been, so we loaded everyone up in the cars & started driving.

Along our way, we stopped at every house that Trek lived in as a child in Southern CA.  He hadn't been back to those houses since he was maybe 9 or 10 years old, so it was really fun to visit them & have him tell the kids stories about when he was a kid.  It's really funny how big/little things were to you as a kid & how you view them as adults.  He couldn't believe how SMALL some of those houses were.  When he was a kid, they were huge.  It was fun for me to see where he grew up.  After exploring we headed all the way down to San Diego.

Our first stop in San Diego was the Mormon Batallion museum.  We had packed some lunches so we sat on the grass behind the museum & had some lunch.  Then we explored the museum itself.  It was fantastic.  I wish more people knew about this museum.  It's completely free & a TON of fun for kids.  There's an interactive tour where the kids can dress up, see cannons, look up things on a computer, pan for gold, wash clothes with a washboard, & take an old time photo.  We learned a lot about the mormon batallion too.  We all loved it.  It was the highlight of our trip down there.

Old Towne San Diego is such a fun place too.  There were SO many flowers in bloom & everything was just beautiful.  The kids enjoyed the freedom to run around & do what they wanted.  We explored all afternoon.

Dad got the most amazing tamale off a street cart there.  It was the best tamale I'd ever eaten.  (Yes, I kind of ate part of dad's tamale.  It was SO good.)

Panning for gold was a blast.  The kids loved it.

And Bladen & Craiger got really into washing the rags.  Bladen said it was hard to pump the water.

The cousins all wanted a picture in front of the cousins candy shop.  

Trek & I haven't been to San Diego in 17 years.  17 years & still in love.

After exploring most of San Diego, we took the kids to the temple.  This was the temple Trek & I were married/sealed in.  This is my castle.  This is my happily ever after.

I couldn't wait to show the kids where our story began.

17 years & even more in love than we ever were 17 years ago.  I wouldn't trade this guy for anything in the world.  He is my world.

THIS is what eternity looks like.  THIS is my eternal family.  THIS is what Trek & I have built together.  THIS is what makes life worth living.

Families can be together forever & this is my forever family.

After visiting San Diego & the temple, we met Trek's brother Talon at Tito's Tacos.  I don't know how their family discovered this place, but it's the Potter place to be.  We always have to eat there when we visit.  And it's as delicious as it was when we first met.

It was a LONG day, but we had a ton of fun.  I'm going to miss CA.

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