Monday, August 6, 2018

Utah Fun

We stayed in Utah for 8 days & had a lot of fun with my parents, my grandmother, & my brother & his family.  We don't get to see them nearly enough so it was great being there for a whole week.

One of the nights we were there, we met up with Trek's 2 uncles (his dad's brothers) & their kids & grandkids for a mini potter family reunion.  We haven't seen them in SO long.  It was wonderful.

We did the reunion at a cute little splash pad in Lehi, so the kids loved playing in the river & the water while the grown ups just chatted the night away.

We also took the kids down to see the Provo Temple which is one of my favorites.  Before it was a temple, it was just a tabernacle & I used to sing in concerts there when I was was 9-12 years old.  I have great memories of that building.  When it burned to the ground I was heartbroken.  I still can't believe they turned it into a temple & rebuilt it from the ground up.  It's beautiful.

We did lots of other fun things with the kids while we were there.  Baba took the kids swimming, I got to get pedicures with my mom, we shopped, ate EVERYTHING you only find in UT, visited some fun craft booths & shops, & just hung out.

For my birthday, all the adults went & did an escape room.  I've always wanted to do one & my mom booked a DREAM escape room for me.  It was CLUE themed.  How cool is that?  All the puzzles & clues had to do with games (chess, tetris, scrabble, monopoly, clue, pictionary, operation, life, etc.)  It was FANTASTIC.  We beat it super fast which surprised me.  I love things that challenge my brain.  Dad helped by knowing how to read chinese which totally rocked one of the puzzles.  Trek & my mom were good at finding things that were hidden, & Trek totally killed at the tetris puzzle.  Justin is just plain smart & just knows where things go when.  My sister-in-law Cari was a total rockstar.  She figured out the most puzzles.  I don't know how helpful I was, but I had a blast & I felt super smart when we figured it all out.  I totally want to do another one.

It was a fabulous week with my family.  I truly don't get to see them enough.

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