Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For our third & final day on our San Francisco trip, we decided to go to Chinatown. My dad was in "his zone" there. He LOVES any opportunity he can get to speak Mandarin Chinese to people. He has a deep love for the Chinese people & loved every minute we spent in Chinatown.

There is even a GATE at the entrance. Chinatown is literally in the MIDDLE of the city, but you would never know being inside. It's like a whole different world.

We found this funny little monkey & everybody HAD to pose with it.

Bladen thought the monkey was a real monkey & didn't want to be anywhere near it.

Chinatown was full of awesome picture opportunities!

The first shop we went into, the shopkeeper opened up 3 umbrellas for the girls & insisted we buy them for them. (clever shopkeepers!) We pretty much had no choice since she completely opened them. SO each girl got an umbrella & Bladen got a Chinese drum. Everybody had their little souvenir from Chinatown.

I just loved Chinatown. It was SO BRIGHT & COLORFUL. It was SO MUCH FUN.

We ate lunch at this fantastic little restaurant. I think it was called R & G Loung, but I can't remember for sure. It was the best Chinese food I've ever had in my life! I had Cashew Chicken & it was FABULOUS.

To finish our time in Chinatown we visited the Fortune Cookie Factory. It is hidden in this dark little alleyway in the middle of Chinatown. It was SCARY! Nobody spoke any English there & I thought we were going to die. But we found it & we're glad we paid a visit.

The entire factory was this teeny tiny room where 3 people were making the fortune cookies by hand. It was HOT, there were no windows, & it smelled funny.

It was fun watching the workers hand make every cookie. They had callouses on the tips of their fingers from constantly handling HOT HOT HOT cookies with their fingers when they shape them.

While Dad & Trek went to pick up the cars, I took the kids to the park to play. It took about 15 minutes to get the cars so the kids enjoyed some fun outside time on the playground.

It cracked me up because while the other kids played on EVERYTHING, Cadence preferred to sit next to the older Chinese ladies & listened to them talk. She never moved from that position the entire time we were at the park. The ladies couldn't get enough of her blond blond hair & bright blue eyes.

Chinatown was so much fun. We'll definitely be going back there when we visit Tylee again. (I need more fortune cookies!) It was a great day!

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