Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Witch Broom Treat Bags

Here is a cute idea for gift bags around Halloween time. I saw this on Martha Stewart's website & thought it was adorable so I decided to make some myself.

Witch Broom Treat Bags:

A LONG & THICK stick or branch
A Paper Lunchbag

First get your treats together. I used some small size candy bars, a bag of candy corn, & some ghost cookies I made. Put them in ziplock bags so they don't get too dirty from the stick.

Lay your paper bag flat. Cut strips throughout the entire bag, but leave the bottom completely flat & intact.
(no cutting on the bottom flap, but everything else should be cut into strips)

Put your stick into the center of the bottom of your bag, then fill your bag with treats around the stick. Pull up all the pieces of the bag around the stick to form your broom bristles. Attach them to the stick with a rubber band. Tah-dah! Easy & adorable.

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