Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taya's 4th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Taya. Taya had been talking for six months about having a Sleeping Beauty birthday party. I thought for sure she'd change her mind by the time her birthday drew near, but lo & behold. . . a sleeping beauty birthday it was.

My girls LOVE my barbie cakes. I think they plan their entire party around what kind of cake they want. Little stinkers. . . they don't even like cake! This was a really fun cake to make though. I think a little part of me knows that Taya is my last girl so I've got to hold on to these precious princess years as long as I can because before I know it, they'll be gone.

Taya dressed up like Snow White for her Sleeping Beauty birthday party. . . yeah, I didn't get it either, but she's the birthday girl.

Daddy even showed up in a Prince Phillip costume. Taya was SO SO SO excited to have Sleeping Beauty's prince come to her birthday. (even though she knew it was just daddy)

We had 9 little girls come over for her party, plus my girls (which made 12 total). Several of the girls were dressed like Rapunzel from Tangled. I had to laugh. It's a popular costume this year.

The first thing we did, because this was a Sleeping Beauty party after all, was make princess crowns. We can't have a princess party without crowns.

Then each little princess got to get their picture taken with Prince Phillip. The kids were SO excited about it. It made me laugh.

Next I had each little princess design their very own castle. I bought these fun sticker castle play sets on Oriental Trading & it was the perfect activity for a bunch of 3-4 year olds!

Bladen thought all the princesses & girly things were crazy. He thought it was fun to chase them all around the house!

And then there's Trek. What a dork dot. He called this the

We had Oma & Tylee here for the birthday party & it's always fun for me to watch Trek & his mom interact with one another. They are a crack up.

For our final activity, I had each of the princesses come &
"prick" their finger
on a spinning wheel so they could fall fast asleep just like Sleeping Beauty.

Once they were all "ASLEEP," I gave them each a ROSE sucker to hold in their hands while they awaited their prince to break the spell. Then Prince Philip came & gave each princess a
"KISS" (aka Hershey Chocolate Kiss)
to wake them up.

Then it was time for cake & ice cream. Wahoo!

and a little friendly strength competition between brother & sister. Trek won, by the way.

Tylee's job was to keep the boy's happy throughout the party. She loves her nephews.

And finally we opened lots & lots of FUN presents. Taya got all sorts of FUN TOYS!

As the girls were leaving, Taya gave each of them a little goodie box. Each box contained 3 bags of surprises:

A red bag labeled: "The Gift of Beauty" bestowed by Flora
It had some nail polish, chapstick, hair bows, bracelets, & girly things inside.

A green bag labeled: "The Gift of Song" bestowed by Fauna
It was filled with a kazoo & a tambourine.

And a blue bag labeled: "The Gift of True Love's Kiss" bestowed by Merryweather
It was full of chocolate kisses.

The kids loved them. It was a TON OF FUN. Taya told me it was the
bestest birthday ever!
It was fun once everyone left & we were able to play with all the fun new toys she got.

Happy Birthday Taya, my sweet little princess. I love you SO much.

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